Marimba Magic

‘Sometimes people come up to me after a performance and say, ‘We don’t understand much about music, but what you did moved us,’” says marimba player Ziv Eitan, who will present a concert for kids and the entire family on Saturday at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. “But there’s nothing to understand about music; you either manage to reach your audience’s heart or you don’t. Continue reading


Taking it to the max

Renowned musician Maxim Vengerov has his hands full with a lot more than a virtuoso violin.
‘These last three years of my life were extremely interesting and productive,” says violinist cum conductor Maxim Vengerov, speaking from his Monaco home prior to his performance in Tel Aviv on September 18. The concert will take place at the Smollarsh Auditorium (which serves as a temporary home for the Israel Philharmonic during the Mann Auditorium renovations) with a program that features Beethoven’s Violin Concerto and Brahms’s Fourth Symphony. Continue reading

Don’t be a no-show to Snowshow

The Kremerata Baltica Ensemble joins Slava Polunin’s whimsical circus for a rare and wonderful performance experience.

Neither acclaimed violinist Gideon Kremer nor beloved performance artist and clown Slava Polunin needs any introduction. Kremer travels the world as a soloist and with his Kremerata Baltica Ensemble, while Polunin (who made Paris his home and experimental lab) tours the globe with his circus, in addition to his Broadway show. Continue reading

נס גדול לא היה שם

לגבי ביצוע של מוסיקה קאמרית קיימות שתי דעות מנוגדות. יש המאמינים שרק אחרי שנים של נגינה ביחד, כשחברי ההרכב לומדים את אורח הנגינה והאישיות של הפרטנרים שלהם לעשיית המוסיקה, הנס קורה – ההרכב הופך לכלי מופלא אחד, בעל צליל מיוחד ומרתק. אחרים מחזיקים בדעה הפוכה הסוברת שדווקא תוך כדי מפגשים – לרוב בפסטיבלים – בהם מוסיקאים שונים, חוברים לביצוע משותף, ומגיבים זה לזה באופן ספונטני, אז קורה הנס, קצת בדומה לג’ם סשן הג’אזי. Continue reading

An intimate circle

On September 21 at the intimate Felicja Blumental Center in the heart of the old Tel Aviv, a group of Israeli musicians, which has adopted the name The Israel Chamber Club, will present an intriguing In the Jewish Spirit program. The concert, which features pieces by Prokofiev, Darius Milhaud, Bloch, Ben-Haim, Stuchevsky, Shulamit Ran and Paul Williams, will be performed by pianist Michal Tal, cellist Hillel Tzori, violinist Ya’akov Rubinstein, clarinet player Gilead Harel, together with their younger colleagues and student pianist Netanel Grinstein and violinists Gili Radian Sade and Noa Sarid. Continue reading