dsc_6405sw4MAXIM REIDER is an Israeli journalist/photographer. Born in Leningrad, USSR, he has settled in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1989, where he currently lives with his wife, kids and cats. He writes in English, Hebrew and Russian. Maxim Reider was the Culture Editor/writer for Vesti Daily in Russian for 13 years, served as the Chief Editor for the Russian version of the ladies’ glamour AT Magazine, worked as translator/editor for MAPA and ITN publishers, as well as for Haaretz newspaper, has been contributing for the Jerusalem Post in English as a classical music correspondent since 1997, and writing for Yedioth Ahronot, Hadashot Tayarut and Opera in Hebrew, among other projects. As a photographer, between taking numerous photos of his beloved and hopelessly spoiled kids, Maxim Reider has worked for the Israeli Opera, Opera da Camera, Israeli Philharmonic, Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Israeli Stage Orchestra, Eilat International Chamber Music Festival, Felicja Blumental International Festival, Classicameri Festival, Context and Malenky Theaters, as well as for the Israeli Air Force Magazine and RAFAEL Concern, PR agencies and private clients.

All the texts from this blog have been published previously in the local media, so strictly speaking this is not a blog, but rather a storage site, where I keep some of my articles for reference.

Photo: Roni Reider


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